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We are planning to participate in WRS PRC-VS (World Robot Summit Partner Robot Challenge Virtual Space).


We participate in RoboCup@Home to test our domestic service robot (DSR) technologies. RoboCup@Home is one of the RoboCup leagues, and it is the world's largest benchmark test for DSRs. In RoboCup@Home, robots are required to be able to accurately perform functions useful for everyday life. The environment consists of the living room and the kitchen. The tasks include searching objects, retrieving what the user told from the shelf, learning places while talking with people, and so on.

We have won the 1st Place (2008, 2010) and the 2nd Place (2009, 2012, 2017) at RoboCup@Home. I am also in the organization team of RoboCup, as a Trustee of RoboCup Federation.

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